A miracle powder that can best be described as "A tropical breeze on your nutsack!" The perfect cure for sweaty balls. However, recreational use is encouraged. Especially effective if applied immediatly after showering.
Its been such a bad day that all I want to do is go home, shower, and enjoy that nice tingle on my balls after I goldbond
by Pinocha Deac November 15, 2006
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A wondrous substance used primarily for testicular stimulation despite the purpose printed on the bottle (it's just a cover-up).
Do you wanna throw on some gold bond? It feels like a thousand angels blowing on your balls.
by goldbondtony August 04, 2005
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The ultimate swamp ass and taint rash relieving powder
That brisk cold wind that hits your face on the first day of the winter season is like the first time you throw some gold bond on your balls
by Davey see November 19, 2014
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A foot powder that can also be used to blow clouds from your ass
The man put gold bond on his ass to get rid of duck butter but then had an ass Queef And the cloud was made
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by Thhhad January 30, 2019
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