An idea, concept, product, video or other cultural meme exponentially increases in popularity, meaning its popularity doubles every minute, hour, day, month or other unit of time.

On youtube increasing popularity can be tracked by clicking the video statistics icon to the right of the number of times viewed.
The 'Miracle - Matisyahu Hanukkah' video is now going viral. It's a viral video. It's popularity is doubling everyday (as of 12/03/2010, eventually it will plateau).
by Meme-ologist December 3, 2010
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"go viral" - used in reference to Internet content which can be passed through electronic mail and social networking sites (Facebook, etc.): an image, video, or link that spreads rapidly through a population by being frequently shared with a number of individuals has 'gone viral'.

In other words, a link goes viral because most of the people who get it forward it to their Friends list or post it in their online status. Strong political content, celebrity news, news of disasters, america's funniest home videos, and crude sexual humor are popular topics to go viral.
"Dude! There was this awesome clip of this rabbit fighting a freaking rattlesnake! And winning! Did you see it? It went viral last night on youTube."

"Look, our message is important. We have to put something together that's interesting, that people connect with. Something that will go viral the instant it hits the 'Net."
by Cheradenine November 13, 2009
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An overused term for popular online content. At one point it was was a legit statement, now it is used for anything that has over 100 hits by the media.
"Dude see the video I posted of me acting like a tard trying to jump into a frozen pool?"
"Yeah, your an idiot."
"It will totally go viral! It has 132 views!"
by Geforce July 20, 2015
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To become real popular real quick like my man DeShaun who used to live on the streets n now my man is livin the high life up in Detroit. Big city man y'all feel me.
To go viral is to be like my man DeShaun.
by Mrbigdaddy November 27, 2013
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When something someone says or does is so magnificently stupid or outrageous that you can imagine it being spread all over the internet in a matter of hours.
"Did you hear what Tom said in his best man speech?! That was so worth going viral!"
by Kentoonist June 17, 2013
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