Of Old English origin, shortening of "Good Speed," and contrary to popular belief has nothing to do with God. People would say this to others who were leaving on a long and perilous journey, wishing them success, but more importantly wishing for their return.
It's a dangerous and unforgiving sea, yet the sailors had no fear. They set course due West with no way to measure longitude and only crude instruments to determine latitude by the stars. Their friends and family at the docks had only one thing to say to them - "Godspeed."
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Sarcastic way of ending a a heated conversation, effectively telling the other person to go fuck themselves.
"If you won't go to my mother's house for Thanksgiving, then Godspeed!
by Steeldesk June 7, 2011
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1. The speed of God.

2. Amphetamine or methamphetamine with enough dose to make one feel like God.
1. Jesus said, "I will return to the world with Godspeed."

2. Jesus said, "I was so high on Godspeed."
by Judas_Christ January 16, 2011
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The fastest guy ever. He runs so fast that he breaks the time barrier, allowing him to travel through time. While he may have speed, he lacks control of his useful and powerful ability. He wins gold at every Olympics until the point that he was not allowed to take part in the competition. That made him so upset that he decided to become a villain and tear down every Olympics that were held. After doing it twice, he realised that he could do more than just that, and that's what he did. He is the main cause of all the unexplained mysteries such as blobs falling from the sky and sea creatures dead on shores. Godspeed, is unstoppable.
Barry: What caused the birds to fall from the sky?
Eobard: Godspeed
by ACSM August 21, 2016
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An Online player who held me and tons of people down with skins on Xbox ESO
Guy 1: Do you know Godspeed?
Guy 2: You mean Godspeed Sky? Hell yeah he holds people down with skins
by BlancoBoi97 February 11, 2020
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Extremely popular post-rock band from Montreal, Canada with such popular songs like "Moya", "The Dead Flag Blues" and "Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls". The band is known for creating very long, slow paced songs with complex song structures utilizing instruments such as guitars, drums, violins, keyboards and and array of pre-recorded sounds as well as speeches. Their longest song is "Providence" from their album entitled "F#A# Infinity" clocking in at 29:04. In the beginning of their career, they were known as "Godspeed You Black Emperor!", but the name was later changed to have the exclamation point after the word "You". The band got the name from a 1976 black and white Japanese documentary film about a Japanese biker gang known as "The Black Emperors". Their song "Moya" shares the same name of a former member of the band Mike Moya, who along with Efrim Menuck and Mauro Pezzente formed Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Moya left the band to pursue his own band called "Hrsta"; another post rock band residing in Montreal, Canada.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor is amazing. Buy all their albums. No seriously, buy all their albums right now!
by Jeremy19 March 8, 2008
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