Something said when something does now go your way, "right in the goat ass" said when you are angry. Does not litterally mean the anus of a goat. Goes along with Bull fuck. (See Bull Fuck)
Jamie: "He left me because I wouldnt put out!"
Kristin: "Thats bull fuck in the goat ass"

Daniel: "Fuck me in the goat ass!"
Jeff: "What hapened dude?!?"
Daniel: "My car got broken into"
by AdamDtheWizard January 10, 2011
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A girl who's gluteous maximus is thickly covered in hair, due to low levels of estrogen.
Man that girl was fine but when she pulled down her pants she had a real goatass. She might as well had hooves.
by jaz October 28, 2004
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A small hole on the left side of a persons neck. Usually located just below the ear and only becomes visible when a person is about to get fucked in it.
You cannot touch my goatass until you're about to fuck it!
by tELLmEyOURSfIRST May 30, 2003
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