3 definitions by Blonde Jew

a nicer name for a slut. a girl who plays mind games with guys & will do anything for money. often called a tramp or a ho or a prostitute.
That slut Sami is Mike's sex kitten. She does anything he wants!
by Blonde Jew September 02, 2004
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1.the best animal in the world!
2.the ex goat, dan, who Crystal loves
1. OMG theres a goat!! AWWW its SOOOO cute!!
2.Look at ex goat! hes so gay!!
by Blonde Jew October 28, 2004
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the hottest guy in the world.a total sex god. not only is he way sexy, hes super talented. he has an awsome voice. it sux that hes married. hes deffinatly fuckable. id bang him if i had the chance.
by Blonde Jew February 26, 2005
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