Shortened form of Go ahead.
Orig. Scouse (Liverpool uk)

1. Provocative term, seemingly goading the recipient toward physical conflict. Although often used to avoid conflict through a display of contempt regarding their threat.

2. Prompting recipient, with a degree of urgency, to carry out an indicated action.
"go ed la.... see what happens"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 12, 2006
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"Go Ed" is a shortened form of "Go Ed kid" and shortened again from "Go ahead" or "Go ahead kid".

It originated from Scousers, it's a dialect thing though, not accent like "Top of the morning to you" is associated with an Irish accent.

It means yes. Okay.
"Go Ed" is basically saying "Go on then" so it depends on the context as to what it means. But GENERALLY, it's like saying "yes, ok" or "yeah, go on then".
It is very similar to other phrases used
throughout the North West of England. For example, in Manchester, it may be "Go on lad/kid/mate".
by Harribooo October 10, 2020
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Like go postal, but the shooter is goin' to college. The academic, pressures, cliques, Greek life, and latent homosexuality of so many college activities drives a minority of undergraduates into the going co-ed zone. Especially where state gun laws are less restrictive and where psychological evaluations matter less, they can pack heat and now down fellow co-eds, profs if they're really pissed. See Virginia Tech.
Horrified co-ed 1: Omg! It's like he's gonna go co-ed. He looks like a total freakazoid nerdster and totz ready to shoot
Horrified co-ed 2: and he's hot for the BMOC - never gonna get a piece of that either
Horrified co-ed 3: and he's been collecting semi-automatics! Shite.

Horrified co-ed 1: so are we gonna go to intro Econ class he's in tomorrow?
Horrified co-ed 2: yeah.

Horrified co-ed 3: sure why not.
by IkuraEater August 10, 2014
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Meaning: god. Describes someone who is very good at a Wizard101, specifically PvP. "Go ed" is used due to in-game chat filter restricting the use of certain words, including "god."
He's a go ed. He has won every single tourney that he joined.
by piggleeater March 2, 2022
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