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big man on campus - a highly respected person, or someone in a position of authority
"gotta check with the bmoc before you make that move."
by sixpac November 07, 2003
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Acronym for the "Big Man on Campus". Individual occupying the position of "Alpha Male" in his peer group. This person usually has a buffed physique, impeccably coiffed hair, wears stylish designer clothes, drives expensive cars, picks up the tab for all of his friends whenever he goes out to party and dominates at virtually every sport he plays. Most importantly, he gets copious amounts of pussy whenever he wants it.
Usually refers to Peter Tolias, who is the consummate BMOC.
by El Cornudo March 19, 2009
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pron. 'bee-mock'

Acronym for 'Big Man On Campus'. Self-important jock. Fem: B.COC (Big Chick On Campus)
'Did you see Chad strutting around the office like a fucking BMOC? Why's he so cocky today?'

'Don't sit over there at the uni bar - it's where the B.MOCs recline and try to look cool'.
by Desci February 21, 2006
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They say, Michael Crow is the B.M.O.C. @ Arizona State University, not only is he re-building the campus, he is transforming the entire city around it.

EX. The quarterback of the football team, the editor of the newspaper, or the president or principle (of a school)
by AdamAndroid September 22, 2007
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Always has to one up everyone or at the least put them down in front of every one.
Who made him BMOC?
by fedup1964 January 18, 2011
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