"think global, act local" is the phrase that the social justice movement in the u.s. has adopted. glocal is a combination of global and local...some things are both.
person 1: i just bought this organic zapatista coffee from my independent coffee house.
person 2: way to act glocal
by cesar August 17, 2003
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Describes the notion that technological advances (telephony, internet, air travel, etc.) have effectively decreased perceived distance between people such that one's social network can be global and feel local.
I thought when my sister moved to the East coast for college that we'd lose contact, but since we IM every day and talk on the cell phone, it's like she still lives in the house.

That's glocalization, dude!
by Matthew Lake April 2, 2006
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Running a business according to both local and global considerations.
Think global, act local?... that´s glocalization to me.
by rperazag August 5, 2010
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