Mr. T's version of our own average, pitiful, England-originating, latin-based, taking-from-basically-all-languages language.
Where a normal guy might say, "I feel sorry for whoever ticks me off next..."

Mr. T will say, "I pity the fool who looks at me funny!"

(That was an example of Mr. T-glish, just so you know, since UD needs me to use "Mr. T-glish" in the example)
by nubluva April 3, 2007
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No one knows what it means but its provocative . It gets the People Going!
That's Some GLisH shit.
by GLisH Gang June 19, 2019
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gangsta delicious.

to continue to love and support back who loves and supports you without public acknowledgment: gangsta

to be known to fuck hood bitches well: delicious
Na you can’t just say you glish and it be true. That’s some shit you have to have been living out in your actual life that people know is authentic about you. You can’t just claim you glish, because the world gonna know it’s fake, because we know what being glish is all about.” beware of psychopaths & narcissists.
by morningsunlightsmokesesh October 2, 2023
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It's another term for 'Glitch' but used in a more fabulous manner thus making you sound more posh.
Thomuscus : '' did you manage fix your laptop yet?''
Npeter (the 'N' is silent): ''yes, I took it to Quail the other day he said that it might still be a bit glishy every now and then''
Thomuscus: ''aha, how is your mother''
Npeter (the 'N' is silent):'' she's doing pretty well actually, how is you mother-etc''
by alieee January 15, 2018
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