Bitches who frequent the mall or other social environments and create an obnoxious spectacle of themselves by means of loud and profane conversations and unruly children.
These hood bitches came all up in my store and fucked up the display.

Those hood bitches left they Sbarro pizza box in a pile of clothes.

LaTerica keeps slapping her weave instead of watching little Ray Ray.
by Julian and Jake January 24, 2009
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One who dresses like a ho (not always neccesarily in a negative way) and typically looks the part sitting on the "hood" or bonnet of a flashy car.

In many cases just an image. The hood bitch may in fact be quite unconceding to put out, dispite her comfort with looking like a complete whore.

"Hood" may also be representative of American hood culture...
- "in da hood"
- "ooh dat teacup n saucer be hood rich!"
- "i learned that shit growin up in da hood niga" said the old white lady serving up some freshly baked scones.
DAMN! That Tila Tequila is one freakin hood bitch!

Did you check out all the hood bitches at this years auto salon?

wassup dawg? Oooooh... Is that ur hood bitch out there wearin' that thong th-thong thong thong?
by CherubRocket July 17, 2008
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the only female worthy enough to have sex with a fat long curly haired wanna be gangsta
mikey defranco's hood level bitch
by brenna and dani October 23, 2008
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