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It's another term for 'Glitch' but used in a more fabulous manner thus making you sound more posh.
Thomuscus : '' did you manage fix your laptop yet?''
Npeter (the 'N' is silent): ''yes, I took it to Quail the other day he said that it might still be a bit glishy every now and then''
Thomuscus: ''aha, how is your mother''
Npeter (the 'N' is silent):'' she's doing pretty well actually, how is you mother-etc''
by alieee January 15, 2018
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Agent: ''hey how are you?''
Tom: ''good, just feeling a little glishious''
by alieee January 15, 2018
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is worse than a beast some one who is savage is like out of control.
Miquie is a savage because he is bigger than a beast.
by alieee January 24, 2007
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