An accronym, which can alternatively stand for "Good luck, high five." This is a less common but equally valid usage of GLHF. Used as a greeting at the beginning of an online game.
At the beginning of a game: glhf
by awildshelbasaur July 05, 2021
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Acronym for “Good Luck, Have Faith”, originated from a twitch social media app by creator HarvardBound.
“Man, Grant is playing hard to get again...”
glhf sister he’ll come around
by canadian8650 January 07, 2019
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Guy 1: “Dude that’s a sweet vest
Guy 2: “GLHF”
by Chellybel March 03, 2019
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Gravy laden hand fuck.

When one is given a usually high intensity hand job, by a hand covered in brown or white gravy.

While often terribly messy, they are great fun.
Guy one: Dude, last night was nuts.

Guy two: Oh yeah, what happened?

Guy one: My girl gave me a glhf, no joke.

Guy two: .... Well shit.
by All Onestar June 21, 2011
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An acronym used by players that are extremely good at a game that know that they already won to insult the noobs by giving them an sense that they actually stand a chance. It is commonly used by noobs who think it means "Good luck have fun" But in reality it means "Gigantic Loser Homo Fag"
Pro: Glhf (lol)
Noob: Thanks! You too!
Pro 2:lolololol
Pro 3:lolololol
by KPZero January 02, 2011
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The abbreviation for "live on 3. good luck have fun, faggots" Specifically used before a match in CS:GO. This term is commonly used for little assholes who's mom didn't give them their V-bucks. The little assholes in the match are usually toxic and t-bag you whenever you die. They spam in chat "LOL" "EZ" "DIE FGT" "TRASH" "LMAO".

If you use this term, grow the fuck up.

Player 1: "lo3 glhf fgts"
Player 2: ur fgt wym lol
Player 3: good luck
Player 4: stupid ass nigga
by roboblitz January 06, 2022
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