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Gleesh derives from the D.C. born rapper Yung Gleesh from 1-8 Zone

The word Gleesh can be used to describe something that is nice or "Gleetchi"

Gleesh can also be used when one is in a good or advantageous situation
Damn you see that car on 22's? That's Gleesh

Just picked up a book bag full of boof batch, now that's Gleesh.

you heard that new Yung "Gleesh"?
by DCleansidesFinest202 November 16, 2013
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Term coined by Fat Trel, it means associating yourself to something with intention like Fat Trel.
by ebonicsking March 27, 2015
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When you're raw fucking a Bitch and you stick 2 fingers in her asshole
Yo remember Katy we were fucking last night and she let me gleesh her
by OGdickkkyJohnson August 14, 2017
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