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An old british term, mainly cockney, for a fancy or expensive item of clothing.
"Nice gladrags, Aditya."
by Navy Snake December 06, 2005
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"So what becomes of you, my love?
When they have finally stripped you of
the handbags and the gladrags
that your poor old granddad had to sweat to buy you"
or "that your granddad had to sweat so you could buy"\
by nj January 26, 2004
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Your "goin out" clothes. the clothes you dress up to go out dancin in. Useually something retro, vintage or unique.
Get yer Glad Rags on. Lets have a night on the tiles!
by gatekeepertx November 01, 2006
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A reusable fabric pad used for menstruation. Most often homemade,as an alternative to wasteful, enviromentally harmful disposable products. Glad Rags have also been commodified, fittingly, under the brand name "glad rags".
That dirty hippy threw her glad rags in with my laundry and now I don't have any more white shirts.
by Squat Punk December 06, 2005
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A happy little bit of reusable fabricused for cleaning up ejaculant after masturbation.
Andrew never wasted precious cashon tissues after he got a glad rag.
by Christopher April 02, 2005
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Face cloth used to clean genital area after sexual activity. Usually a warm cloth provided by the least exhausted partner.
Mary gently washed George's crotch with a warm "glad rag" since her 12 orgasms had left him exhausted with legs too weak to walk across the room.
by abia March 24, 2013
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