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Gioele likes to throw pens,pencils or any other object at Maja in spanish class.
hello gioele
by giogio5687 November 30, 2010
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Joe is going to be the love of your life! If you ever get the chance to meet someone like him then appreciate & enjoy every second you get to spend with him! ❀️ He is the most beautiful person inside/out! He will make you feel loved and he will give you a safe place in his arms❀️ He always has a shoulder to cry on and will most likely be the most perfect future husband and father. He is caring and very very strong. He is able to go through hell with a smile❀️
Gioele is all you can ever dream of having by your side.
He is a true soulmate
by InlovewithJF May 21, 2019
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gioeles are often found sitting on their ass doing nothing but browsing /r/soccer and/or eating pizza and pasta, sometimes both at the same time. a gioele is usually has a very strange sneeze and does not like to talk about their school grades, because he / she is embarrassed of it and is not man enough to admit it. their hand motions are often shaped in a cone like manner, with their finger tips as the apex. a gioele will often wildly wave them around, usually just in one direction back and forth.
stop being such a gioele!
by Hendrik Jacobus November 02, 2017
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