A particularly dangerous type of tantrum performed by a ginger or a daywalker. Gingersnaps occur when a non-ginger ask a question about the satanic powers that all gingers possess. These questions would seem innocent to a normal person, but are like kryptonite to the soulless gingers. A single question will not always provoke a gingersnap. Sometimes a gingersnap will occur only after a dozen or so question over seven to ten days. The longer it takes for the gingersnap to occur, the more violent the gingersnap. Alcohol will increase the chances of a gingersnap. It’s best not to let a ginger drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day, preferably a cranberry juice and vodka or a Miller Lite in a vortex bottle. If you find yourself in a situation where a gingersnap is imminent there are only two things that can save you, prayer and direct sunlight. It is a fact that all gingers are governed by the same rules that control the zombies in “I Am Legend.” The threat of skin cancer and the creation of additional freckles is so great, that no ginger will intentionally enter direct sunlight. This is why so many gingers work 3rd shift. If direct sunlight is not available then you are most likely be murdered. Most gingersnaps end with 3-10 innocent people stabbed to death.
If I ask Toni Davis another ginger question at work he is going to gingersnap.
by Ila Vainal September 28, 2011
something sexually related with a redhead
"gimme somma dat gingersnap, ungh"

"she been handin' out gingersnap like crazy"
by CCcotton November 18, 2008
1) a nummy cookie (its not that kind of cookie you dirty motherfucker)
2) a sharp come back
1) ohhh yum pass me the gingersnaps homie there the best muchie food next to corn flakes with chocolate syrup
2) girl to guy: your dick is like a wet noodle
another girl to guy: GINGERSNAP!
by phunkymunkey May 6, 2005
when a red-haired child throws a tantrum.
Maggie couldn't understand her music theory and proceded to have a gingersnap.
by Heimerz January 30, 2009
A person of African American or biracial decent who has red hair.
Delonte West:
"Damn dude..did you see Delonte West make that 3 pointer?!"

"Yeah! That Gingersnap is on fire!"
by DenverMax February 21, 2010
An irresistibly erotic sexpot red headed man, who is incredibly hot and also has a personality that drops panties. This red particular breed of red headed man has both a genuine personality, and a smoking hot bod; a true hunk. Once reaching his full potential, he can cause female orgasm by a mere look/facial expression.
girl 1: "Oh daymn, look at that flaming hot gingersnap!"
girl 2: "Back off bitch, that hot piece of ass is mine!"
girl 3: "Oh! I think I just came in my pants"
by ItsSugarTitsBaby December 22, 2011