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A derisive term for a red-haired male.
Hey you, hey gingerballs...where are you going? Are you going to a dick meeting?
by DIF October 12, 2007
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The balls of a ginger(red haired person). Usually the person is lacking a soul.They are pale and suffer from the disease gingervitis.It is in fact an STD.Can be used as an insult to a ginger.
Ginger kid: Hey guys do you want to come out?

Group of kids: Ahhhhhhh.. Gingerballs!

Ginger kid:ohh never mind
by Chris-chin April 01, 2008
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1: Testicles presumed to be freckled and sporting a red goatee.

2: Nickname for a male ginger who could be expected to have said gingerballs.
1: "I put a picture of my gingerballs on dude's phone."

2: "Hey, did I tell you gingerballs put a picture of his smooth spot on my phone?"
by skullcrusherrrrr July 11, 2010
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A Poofter aussie model who likes to walk dogs, suck wangas, and engage in bro rape.
1.Gingerballs you suck at counterstrike.

2.Gingerballs, why do you have a 10 inch black dildo?
by Dave Genat August 01, 2007
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