Term made popular by the band "Dolere" describing thier unique genre.
Stands for Gothic, Metal, Industrial and Punk.
Look at all these bands saying that they are GIMP, they all got it from Dolere.
by Milkthief January 29, 2005
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A guy from Flipnote Hatena who's actually totally awesome at animating. He's such and awesome kid. Plus, he got's a cool full name, Raiden Francisco.
Random Fan: GIMP ur AWSUM!!!
GIMP: Uh, thanks I guess.
by DatGuyWhoEatsPizza June 02, 2013
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a physically disabled person, a crippled person(rude and derogatory)
Snob:"Get out of my way, gimp".

Kid in a wheelchair:"bite me!"
by Light Joker January 17, 2005
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The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Also known as the poor-man's photoshop.
Nerd 1: OMFG!!!11!!1 you totally photoshopped you kissing Jennifer Lopez
Nerd 2: No, I gimped it.
by lathargic October 03, 2005
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The Gimp is a man they keep dressed from head to toe in black leather bondage gear. There are zippers, buckles and studs here and there on the body. On his head is a black leather mask with two eye holes and a zipper (closed) for a mouth. They keep him in a hole in the floor big enough for a large dog.
ZED: Bring out The Gimp.
MAYNARD:I think The Gimp's sleepin'.
ZED: Well, I guess you'll just have to go wake him up now, won't you?
by HMIRE July 29, 2005
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1) Male, sex slave as seen in Pulp Fiction

2) A image editing software

3) A mental, or physically disabled person

4) Sam Rough
That Sam is such a gimp
by Thepoonslayer November 07, 2014
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verb: To change an image with GNU Image Manipulation Program.

If photoshop is a verb, GIMP deserves to be, as well :p
Why don't you GIMP that image, to give it a bit more pizzaz?
by Ryan B. March 09, 2005
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