An abreviation of "Good Times"
by Who Knows March 7, 2005
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Absolute moron who acts like an idiot or does stupid things
Look at him he is such a gimely
by gimely king October 16, 2015
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Spoken in pig latin to reveal a homosexual saying.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
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Coming with your fingers in the wrong places (such as in front of your dick).
I was just about done masturbating, but my hand slipped and I ended up giming.
by Piratedan January 7, 2010
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me n dannys word GET MEH

Alternae word for GRIME
by liamdannycreelyburked October 10, 2008
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fool in ghanian language
wo ye gimee
by fjvmf March 26, 2017
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give/or give me 🥺 usually used when you want something from someone else
*someone takes something*
“hey gime!” (pronounced gyme)
by onaleya May 30, 2019
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