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1. When a woman is so unattractive that no rational human being would come near her, she can be said to be "ghoulin."

2. A state of being absolutely fucked up, to the point where you're incapable of operating in normal society.
1: "Between her pit hairs, her below-average appearance, her clingy, obnoxious personality, and her utter idiocy, that girl Leah is TOTALLY ghoulin.'

2: "Last night, I drank 8 beers and split a G with my friends. By the end, I was ghoulin' so hard that I couldn't even talk to the clerk at Taco Bell."
by aquabow April 14, 2011
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Being a member of the white race and wearing traditional nigger clothing, such as joggers and beats headphones
by The Kaiser of Germany March 07, 2017
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