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extreme case of diarrhoea, known for usually coming after a big night of hitting the piss
big party
next morning "ohhhh fuck i have got the ghoulash"
by $now June 06, 2007
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An action-adventure game played entirely on paper. Marketed as a miniature role-playing game (each player serves as the Game Master for the other), it more closely resembles the old classroom version of Battleship in that players hide items and obstacles before the game and then tell their opponents what happens as the opponents describe their movements. Name derives from the most common obstacle in the game, monsters known as Ghouls. Also known as Ghoulash: The Last Game on Earth. Created in 1982, revised and posted on the Web in 2001.
"Mark and Tracee needed a good way to pass the time while waiting to board their plane, so they pulled out a game of Ghoulash."
by GhoulManchu June 26, 2009
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