Ghost ride the whip is to slow your car down to around 5 mph or something and then put it into cruise-control and then continue onto opening your door while the car is still in motion and to go dumb right next to your car while it is still in cruise control and whilst you are going dumb and keeping up with your car or scraper.
I like to Ghost ride the whip when my parents aren't home because I can steal the keys to my scraper.
by Alville April 03, 2006
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An action in which a person sets their whip into neutral, pops all the doors, blasts some dope beats on the radio, jumps out of that shit and moves to the sick beats. Incredibly stupid and dangerous, but pretty cool.
Ayyyyyyy guys we gone get lit, head out to the hood and ghost ride the whip!
by Admiral Yamamoto August 19, 2016
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In terms of the sex act:
When having anal sex with a woman, the man sticks a dildo in her ass (i.e. leaving the keys in the ignition), and the woman crawls around on all fours as the man dances around her.
Keep crawling bitch, I'm trying to ghost ride the whip!
by Bambilla September 16, 2010
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a)When you have sex with a ghost

b)To masturbate
a)Before cumming when you ghost ride the dick, put your stunna shades on

b)Watch em swang, Watch em swang
Go stupid, go
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
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walking outside the car holding the wheel while it's rolling, making it look like no one is driving the car.
by Big Mike B. April 16, 2006
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To have sex with a man/woman when you are soooo drunk (blackout, obliterated, donzoed, residing in the abyss) that you do not remember the experience until you are notified by a friend, acquaintance or the ghost ridden individual.
I had sex with Sally/Sammy?!?! Wow...If that's not a ghost ride, I will lick E-40s taint. (Apply stunna shades, and casually walk away)
by John McCain's ex-wife October 07, 2008
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When you "Ghost Ride the Whip," You get out of your vehicle and just with your hand on the steering wheel drive it like a ghos - Orgin - The Bay Area
Hey Due ! did you all them Folk "Ghost Ride the Whip" in the E-40's Tell me When To Go, video?
by Gabriel Valenzuela April 09, 2006
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