while you are doing a ghost ride (look at definition 10) but instead of just waving outside the window, you ghost ride the whip with your car outside
Jack: you wont believe what i did last night man
jim: what was it?
jack: i was fuckin my wife's cos (see 3rd definition) so hard from the back when bobby came in and took over&then i went out front, hopped in my caddy and ghost rode the whip! i was ghost riding squared!!!
jim: damnnnn thats hot/funny/weird ass
by Weezy Jr. December 18, 2008
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Jumping out of a moving scraper and dance next to the car while yelling KMEL lyrics.
To Ghost ride the whip is when a Hyphy ass pred-head, stunner shades wearer pops out of his mob bucket while it is coasting down 164th Avenue at about 5 miles per hour. The outmate will C-walk while throwing up what ever set he deems fit all while keeping up with the car he is driving so it doesn't get away.
by Blue Meanie April 20, 2006
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Similar to ghost ride the whip. When you and a girl are having sex, you pull out and dry hump her just before you climax into your hand.
"I don't want to get that ho pregnant, so I'll just ghost ride the bitch."
by smeernoff February 21, 2007
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The strategy of masturbating to a pov video of a girl riding a dick with your screen aligned to make it look like your own dick.
by Charles Jordan August 15, 2016
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To ghost ride a japanese-made vehicle, in example a honda, toyota, nissan, etc. they are all japanese cars that are more than half the time front wheel drive.
P1) look at those guys ghost ride the nip
P2) What the hell is that?
P1) When you ghost ride japanese made cars.
by Christian Encina June 12, 2008
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