Ghost ride the whip is when you walk next to your car while it is still rolling. Ghost ride the <i>stick</i> is when you do it in a stick shift car by putting it in neutral.
You wanna ghost ride the stick in the parking lot after school?
by Evan AKA E Dizzle April 27, 2006
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Bay Area (northern california) slang. Ghost riding da whip is when you open your car door and get out and run along the side of your car when it's rolling.
Oh shittt mayn, did you see Mistah Fab ghost ride da whip in his video for Ghost Ride It? Mistah Fab goes so dumbbb
by nfm August 22, 2006
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"Ghost Ride the whip" is a phrase to describe a super Hyphy NorCal Sheik using Sheik's Amazing F-B move in order to own it's opponents.
damn that sheik just did a "ghost ride the whip"
by 133787987978 December 11, 2006
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When you get out and walk or kind of dance while your car is in motion.
That bitch was trying to ghost ride da whip and she hit a car!
by cubancycy November 09, 2007
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When you are doing a girl doggy style, you stop, stick a dildo in her, and then dance next to her as she gets pleasured by the dildo. Thus giving the effect of a ghost having sex with your girl.
Man if i was you i would just put on some Mistah Fabb, stick a dildo in her, and Ghost Ride Your Bitch!!
by Dave Poly February 05, 2007
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It's when you stand beside someone with an erection and give them a handjob like you were ghost riding a motor vehicle
We were sitting in the back of the classroom and I told her to Ghost Ride My Tip. It was awesome.
by StunnedFazer May 17, 2008
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When you finally get the joint in the rotation and you hit that shit letting the milky weed smoke escape from your mouth for a brief moment before you suck it back up, making it dissapear in your nasal and mouth cavaties.
ghost ride the whip, ghost ride the whip
by MC Nasel May 09, 2006
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