looking for crack, coke, or speed on the ground because you're so spun out you KNOW you dropped some and look there's a fleck of white ... oh I lost it THERE IT IS
Dude was crazy, lookin' at the ground, pickin' up gravel, old crackheads ghost bustin'
by T-Science May 10, 2003
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the act of masturbating onto a woman while she is sleeping
last night i was forced to do some ghost busting on my female friend
by perisan September 29, 2010
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The act of having sexual intercoarse with an albino, man or women either way its vulgar and unacceptable to main society.
Robert was ghost busting all night again with Danielle, hes covered in ectoplasm.
by The Master of all things January 01, 2015
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The act of stealing candy/sweets from trick-or-treaters (esp. kids) during Halloween. Such an act is performed by a Ghost buster
Look at those kids with all of that candy. Wanna do some ghost busting?
by Forces October 27, 2007
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During a post-victory celebration over someone in any event that creats both a winner and a looser,the act of pretending to stroke an invisible penis. then throwing that hand into the air in the direction of your defeted competition, as if ejaculating on them.
after making the final out of the ball game, he turned to the other team's bench and began Ghost Busting.
by hewhoshatthemoon October 26, 2010
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the act of masturbating onto a female while she is asleep; unfortunately she wakes and catches you in the act
i was in the process of ghost busting on a female then she was woken by a loud noise and i was ghost busted
by freegaze September 29, 2010
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