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1. feeling sexy or comfortable with one's self

2. turned on or in a sexual mood
When Latrel walked by and I smelt his cologne, girl, I was feelin ghood.
by Jer November 30, 2003
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it is a mixture of ganster and hood. it is basically the coolest thing possible that you could be called. you can also refer to somthing as ghood.
dude sarah is so ghood!


wow that car is so ghood, look at those spinners.
by sam wise gamchee May 11, 2009
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A group of housing projects in bc. Known for gangs, drugs, and violence.
Toughest hood in Canada.
Murder rates 4 every week.
Watch yourself when around folks from the g-hood.
"Check yo self im from Compton!"
"Homie step back im from g-hood."
compton kid turns and runs.
by Ghoodlum May 02, 2009
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