to fix something with duct tape or other cheap materials in a way that is also cheap, yet oddly clever
I ghetto-rigged my headlight by taping it to the car.
by lisagirl April 7, 2003
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To fix something in a cheap way.
He ghetto rigged his car.

Don't ghetto rig your car.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
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To fix something in the cheapest,fastest,and laziest way.
by Mr.Gummiworm November 1, 2008
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Ghetto rigginig
is the act of fixing something, even though you do not have the right tools, knowlegde, or ability

almost always a crude or temporary fix.
Dude, my computer screen broke, and I had to ghetto rig my PC to my TV.

sorry I'm late, I was ghetto rigging my ride so I could get here.

by sordane March 26, 2008
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To create a bong using simple household objects such as an empty water bottle, tin foil and a straw (or hollowed out pen).
I'ma go ghetto rig a 2-liter and load up a bowl, you ready?
by Cynadar August 24, 2006
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A term used for when someone tries to illegally start a car by jamming a screwdriver far into the steering column.
The way most ghetto ppl steal sho!
by Moonshade March 30, 2005
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