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Thank's for leaving the party and abandoning me in the middle of fucking nowhere. I'll just gfm.
by niquillo August 05, 2017
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Gay For Moment Of Sex.
when somebody has sexual relations with one of the same sex but is not gay.
I had been going to the Pike Hill medical centre for just about all of my life. But my doctor had just retired and my best friend Shelley had come with me to meet my new doctor. I was called in to the room and Shelley came to. Inside was a fantastically gorgeous young man. I almost fell to my knees as I saw his face. During the appointment he was mega flirty with Shelley, and I can see why. (she's an incredibly busty blonde.) Shelley flirted back and I felt a bit left out. The Doctor asked lots of questions and typed the answers into his computer. The doctor stared at me for a second and then asked me to get up apon the bed. I did so and then he started to kiss me. I kissed back and then our tongues met. He rubbed his hand through my hair and then kissed down to my neck. He was a brilliant kisser. He got lower and took off my shirt. He sucked on my nipple and I let out a deep groan. He then rubbed his hands up my leg and pulled down my underwear. He undid his buttons and I felt a huge cock in my wet pussy. I screamed and he pushed in again.
"oh yes! oh yes! more! MORE!" I shouted. I suddenly felt another pair of lips on mine. Shelley had jumped on the bed and started kissing me passionately. I was not a lesbian, and neither was she, but she must have been so damn horny. I was screaming from The doctor fucking me and making out with Shelley at the same time. Shelley moved down and the doctor stopped fucking me. I felt Shelley lick my tummy and then suck around my pussy. The doctor was fucking her up the ass and having a woman eat me out was the best experience I had felt. I shouted her name.
"Shelley! oh Shelley! SHELLLEY! SHELLEY!" It felt strange shouting her name but it also felt so right. Her tongue was going in and out of my wet vagina. I suddenly sat up and watched her blonde hair between my legs. Her breasts were lying on my stomach and i had the sudden urge to touch them. They were so big and so, so, touchable. Shelley stopped eating me out and I looked at her hot, sweaty body. She was irresistable. I lurched forward to meet her and wrapped my body tightly round hers and kissed her. There was a sense of urgency and Shelley suddenly seemed so much more attractive than the doctor. He was sat back in the doctor chair watching us. Shelley lay down on the floor and yelled for me to eat her out. I couldnt have thought of anything at that point that I would have rather done. I dived to the floor and licked around her hairless pussy. Then I went in with my tounge. She tasted good. My lips sucked the flaps of her vagina and I practically made out with her pussy. I felt The doctor's cock in my ass and I let out a low groan. I continued to eat Shelley out and listen to her shouting out my name. She had a beautiful voice and my name coming out of her name was like music. I let my tongue almost crawl up her body to her giant tits. I buried my head deep into her chest and licked and kissed all around me. The doctor spun me round and cummed on both mine and Shelley's faces. I licked it off and she did the same. Then he cummed around my pussy and Shelley licked it off. A female nurse came in a few minutes later and ate me out whilst Shelley and I made out and the doctor fucked me up the ass. It was the best doctor's appointment I had ever had and Shelley and I continued to have gfms sex on a regular basis.
by horny chick September 21, 2008
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genuine funny man.

"To be a GFM you need to have balls, wit, humour, and testicles." - JayZ

-Basically the epitome of witticism
-Hard as fuck

Both an adjective and a noun.
1) "Speedy Gonzales is such a GFM"
2) "I'm GFM, STFU"
3) "Charlebois' party last night had GFM shenanigans"
by a GFM February 19, 2011
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Girlfriend material. She ain't a hoe she is the kind of girl you could date & bring home to your mother.
This girl is GFM.
by TootooU March 07, 2011
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β€˜GFM’ or β€˜go fuck myself’ is a metaphorical term best used when being left out or proven wrong.
A: I’m going to go ahead and watch the Bake Off final on catch up now without you. I hope you don’t mind.

B: Yeah of course I don’t mind. I will just GFM then.
by GravyBub October 31, 2018
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