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derrives from the word "The Elite", and has been my online alias for the past 10 years. Only the most concious of online jargon may posess this title or know the complete knowledge of this word. Do not use this lightly and if you are aggrivated by trolls, getting "owned" or bad at online games do not even mention this word.
yo that guy owns face, u see that clutch? He just took out the whole team, he r tehleet. I heard his gf is a pornstar too.

( tehleet also rolls with genesisjacked, together they rule all who oppose the 1337. )
by tehleet- January 22, 2010
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Shows that something is very good (1), or shows that someone is very good (2). Also see teh and leet for individual definitions. Can also be edited into teh leet0rz (3), see 0rz for an individual meaning.
1 wow dude, your box is teh leet.
2 teh leet fragging skills!
3 teh leet0rz shit0rz.
by Beska December 22, 2004
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