To deserve to die or be destroyed, referencing when regimes would place enemies against a wall to execute them by firing squad.
Nazis/TERFs/Giants Fans get the wall
by jhkgghlk January 4, 2018
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to be shunned, rejected, blocked and or avoided at all costs on social media
vegans that prioritize animal liberation over Black liberation get the wall
by dorjedrollo December 29, 2021
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When two people start a conversation thread on any post besides a wall on facebook, which causes the other commenters to get unnecessary and unwanted notifications.
Example 1:

Sara: "Nice photograph :)"
Lea: "Thanks :)"
Bret: "Hey we had so much fun that day"
Lea: "I know omg roflmao"
Bret: "We should totally do this again. Coming to the party tonight?"
Lea: "Not sure. You?"
Sara: "Get a wall you guys."
by sychhh June 22, 2010
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the act of grinding while leaning on the wall.

+In the most general sense many if not all of the following factors apply+
- common configuration as follows: wall, man, woman
(note: can be performed in a face to face configuration, but not that common.)
- first occurrence sited was at DP in Riverroll
- equates in less effort on the male's part
- occurs after second consecutive dance with a partner
- generally performed by talls
- subjugates women congregating in Africa
- can be viewed as trashy by partaking females
- coveted at most sacred dance at DP
- indicates high level of experience when paired with the leg kick
- is signaled with a light repetitive tap on ones cheek with the right hand
Shuey - Wow, look at those talls getting wall!

Jake - Want to give me wall?
Bitch - Yes!

Tall Person - akafrieddfootbllwmadn'dwogjmegitwall
Short Person - what?
by DP - God September 17, 2010
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