Purchase/procure/buy one drink for everyone in your party.

British slang.
We've got 30-45 minutes to wait for a table for our bunch. Let's get a round in, while we wait......
by jws1272 April 08, 2016
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An exclamation of triumph; usually spoken by the victor of an argument after presenting a response with irrefutable logic. Equivalent to "Take that!".

Common variations: "Git it roond ye"

Origin: Blue-collar Glaswegian Scots. Imported from the Hakka spoken variation of Chinese by Chinese merchants settling in Maryhill, Glasgow (circa 1660).
The score clearly says Rangers won 2-NIL. Get it round you ya Howfin bawbag!
by BigBlackGuy August 18, 2007
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To get your head down for a peroid of time at any time during the day or night to recharge one's batteries. Usually when on the piss for a week in Benidorm with the lads.
Fuck me Beav, its 1pm and we are already 3 sheets to the wind, where's Cully?
Beav: he's gone to get a round of sleep in, wants to be ready for tonight.
by steve pearce November 15, 2006
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To engage in a task or activity with great anticipation and vigour.
Dave: How you feeling about your race mate?

John: Dunno, just gotta get round it you know?

Mum: What do you fancy for dinner tonight?

You: I could get round some Chilli Con Carne.

Back street Man 1: Bruv, did you just see that girl?

Back street Man 2: Ah mate, I'd get the fuck round her.
by getroundit_son July 04, 2019
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