To beat someone so bad in halo, that it is considered not a holocaust, but a halocaust.
Man 1: (after getting sniped 10 times in a row) dude, this means war.

Man 2: Man, this isn't war. This is a fuckin Halocaust!
by Shartruse August 12, 2008
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1. n. the mass murdering of the Covenant and Flood by the characters of Master Chief and the Arbiter for the sole purpose of the enjoyment of the gamers controlling them; it was engineered by m$ in a plan they called the final solution and enacted by bungie
so, i was liek, playing the halo 3 campaign on liek, easy the other day, and it was liek, a total HALOCAUST
by wizjany October 16, 2009
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A catostrophic event in which 1/2 of the world's gamers die while playing X-Box.
by Wii have a problem December 13, 2006
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