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Quality of life.
Dude, don't act like your qol is so much better than mine just because you have the new ipod touch.
by prissorsxrawks October 22, 2009

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Vagina lips that are so floppy and loose they look like a hamburger.
I didn't see any cheese on that hamburger pussy.
by prissorsxrawks February 01, 2008

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Your fingers, or hands.
My filangies are tingling.
by prissorsxrawks March 05, 2008

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1. A wig you put on your cat.
2. A weave for your pubes.
3. Really fantastic insult.
4. Something you search for on google at four am because you're a dumbass.
1. Man, I bought my pussy-cat a really cute wig to wear. He looks hawt!

2. I got this rad ass pussy wig. You know, a merkin.

3. Dude, you're such a fucking pussy wig.

4. I'm bored, I think i'll google pussy wig and see what happens.
by prissorsxrawks January 27, 2008

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A really charming insult.
Basically you're calling someone a maxi pad or a tampon.
Quit whining, you're being a pussy rag.
by prissorsxrawks January 31, 2008

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A fun game to play when there is literally nothing better to do. Get a random phone number and text "Get in the Van".

Works well on drunk people.
Bored person: Get in the van!

Drunk person: Okay. Where is it?

Bored person: Right outside your house.

Drunk person: I looked. I don't see it.
by prissorsxrawks October 05, 2009

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A way retarded old people might refer to the television.
"Can't you kids turn down that goddamn devil box?!"
by prissorsxrawks October 16, 2008

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