v. to smoke marijuana; become high, intoxicated from.
"I had to get blowed before i chilled with my grandma."
by iq December 02, 2002
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I'm blowed! don't know how the fuck i'm gettin home!

holy shit man what a bad day...I'm gonna get blowed!
by luvinhos August 07, 2009
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Got head/blow job/eaten out. Also could mean that person got caught doing something criminal.
He get blowed the other day stealing from the store. You get blowed by your man!
by flowerpower44 May 18, 2019
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An utterly horrible phrase commonly used by television/radio broadcasters age 35 or greater. When a player subs out of the game, the naive analyst will eagerly explain to his audience that the athlete "is getting a blow" or "taking a blow" on the sidelines.

This is a terrible phrase because it is misleading everyone subjected to listening to the announcers and/or watching the game. While the athlete is not actually getting a blow-job from someone on the sidelines, thereby making the game interesting, he is merely getting a rest.
And Jimmer will head to the sidelines to get a blow.
by Jslasher88 March 18, 2011
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