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Geng is often used in the Malaysian English, also often refered to as Malenglish.
It's often used to describe how great or awesome something is. This often happens together with other Malenglish words like wakaka keke sohai lah etc.
Zomg, tis is a geng game lah!
by Mr.Sohai September 18, 2006
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an Asian Guy who is a great person. but is a gangster at heart, but a loving Asian guy also he hot, aka he is sizzling
Ching-Chong-Geng is on the fleek you know
by THAtfleekonfire December 16, 2017
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Geng is a slung meaning a member of a certain squad or team of friends, mostly people who hangout together and have a lot in common. They often call each other geng geng.
Francis is my geng.
by Jeff Tahmane January 22, 2019
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