noun: A person or thing that adheres to the utmost importance of gender.

This includes gender essentialism (the belief in innate mental and social differences between men and women) as well as various transgender theories (belief in gender as an innate identity that differs from sex).
Genderist theory is the scourge of our times.
by jouissancepastance July 24, 2018
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A person that discriminates or is prejudice based on gender.

More politically correct than sexist.
Some common genderist statements:
Get back in the kitchen woman!
Guys are pigs.
by ThatOneGuy_OnTheNet December 5, 2007
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genderist means that you are against gender and you don't pick a side when it comes to gender which would

make you have no gender you are a nothing.
person1:what gender are you?
person1:so are you unsure about your gender?
person1:then what gender are you?
person2:I'm a genderist i have no gender

person1:whats a genderist?
person2:look it up on urban dictionary
by Kailyn May May 10, 2018
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Contraction of "gender activist". Someone who believes that sex (our genitals) is a social construct while gender (femininity, masculinity) is an inner feeling more important than your biological reality. Genderists defend gender and make new gender identity labels ( genderqueer , gender fluid , greygender , non binary , demigirl , etc) rather than destroying gender (women and men wearing whatever they want without it to make them not a woman or not a man anymore- which is what any radical feminist fights for). Genderists are trans activists and part of the wider group of liberal "feminists".
Emily: "This guy in my class is such a liberal misogynist, he thinks he's not a man but rather a "demigirl" just because he has long hair and wear make-up..."
Hailey: "Typical genderist! As sexist as any conservative! Men can be feminine and women can be masculine, the way they act and present themselves doesn't change their sex WTF"
Emily: "I know right?! Gender politics are 2.0 anti-feminism, i can't believe we're called "TERFs" for saying the truth!!"
by we-are-indie-kids July 9, 2018
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Someone who looks down on a certain gender (being racist but with genders)
“He is the biggest genderist I’ve ever met! He said girls are nothing but the maids and slaves!”
by Mel&co. January 7, 2021
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Contraction of “gender activist”, someone who believes sex is a social construct while gender is an inner feeling. Genderists like to make more and more gender labels rather than criticising gender.
“This guy in my class who has long hair and wears make-up is such a genderist, he believes he’s not a man but “non-binary” just because of his look... ugh, such a 2.0 kind of sexism. Let men be feminine instead!”
by we-are-indie-kids July 8, 2018
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Maintaining ideas about gender that are gazzy and outdated.
"Your comment was very genderistic."
by GK284 February 6, 2018
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