Now-a-days everyone wants to be so politically correct. Instead of saying "This is gay," you can now say "This is geisha," without harboring any guilty feelings for being anti-homosexual.
Brittany: I hate being in this meeting for four hours.

Arwin: Me too, this is geisha.
by BEJ0124 May 17, 2011
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One that is a Japanese putita.
- Do you even know what "Geisha" is about?
- Yea, a Japanese putita.
by DogE March 6, 2006
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When you think that something is gay and shitty at the same time its Geisha.
That movies booty, Naw its Geisha.
by Daniel Welker October 11, 2007
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A playful yet slightly disparaging term used to describe the complicated role of a female mental health clinician in a men’s prison.
Gotta run, I’m seeing my prison geisha today so I need to hit the showers.
by Dr Bunnygirl March 7, 2018
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Man! Did you see all those geisha boys hangin' out at Church and Wellesley streets?
by St. Charles Tavern December 25, 2009
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when one is obsessed with everything Asian inspired to the point where everything they do involves the Asian culture. When one buys every asian-like plush, eats abnormal amounts of sushi, ssips on green tea, and trys to impersinate the Asian life-style. Asian persuasion

Example 1. Megan had sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. She must be on some serious geisha crack!

Example 2. I went into the Hello Kitty store and bought everything in site. I felt like i was on geisha crack!
by Mega Fabo0 July 3, 2009
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