geeky floyd is the fucking best. he has a ten inch cock and is an avid sex haver.
geeky floyd is so cool, he gets all the bitches and the fuckboys.
by geeky floyd November 6, 2023
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An extremely small or extremely large penis found on a nerdy, dorky person.

A Geekis can only be found on a nerd or dork or geek that has no life and spends 24/7 playing World of Warcraft or something along those lines.
When Clark got his pants ripped off, I could not believe the size of his penis. It was a Geekis!
by Ruddz March 15, 2010
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The genesis behind Technical Geeky is my passion for anything even remotely related technology. My areas of interest include Blogging, Technology, Computer Systems,Smartphone, Gadgets, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , WordPress, Programming, Software Reviews and of course, surfing the net all the time.

Technical Geeky is a Blog Site where I write in the above-mentioned areas of interest.
by Technical Geeky October 8, 2019
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