When a person has a small, minimally furnished apartment, and low quality car, because they spend all of their money on all of the newest high-end electronics.

These can include T.V.'s, sound systems, computers, cell phones, etc.

Similar to the concept of being hood rich.
Jeff: "I thought Andy landed a high paying job. Why is he still living in an apartment and driving that Geo?"

Tom: "He can't afford them man, he's totally geek rich."
by Snidrogen August 4, 2010
A term created by peoples who want something but don't want or are too focused on other matters to do what is required to understand that God created different peoples with different tastes and that the pleasures of the mind can be sublime. This writer admits that one addiction to mpleasures is perhaps foolhardy because the stomach and the mind require different material to satisfy, and that the Spirit lies somewhere betwixt these contending realities.
Geek rich? Bruh do you even think, feel, and do spiritual jumping jacks between cases of bottled water?
by Zergberger April 21, 2022