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Great big ol' tits on a girl. We're talking milk jugs. This term must be pronounced with zest and enthusiasm. Can be spelled with multiple O's for emphasis.
Sean turned around and just about fell over when he saw the tits on the girl next door. Eric looked and exclaimed, "Check out the gazoongas on that girl!"
by Firemaneric May 17, 2006
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There is real no deffintion. Term used in a sentance to replace a dirty word that cannot be said. Created by Megan McCarthy, Caroline McCarthy, and Tom Milazzo.
Damn Toby, you got some big gazoongas!

Can I put my gazoonga into your?

Can I use your gazoongas as a beanbag chair?
by The Notorious T April 22, 2011
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Gazoongas: is another meaning for really big/perky/nice tits. Gazoongas is a word to use so females do not think you're speaking directly about her tits.
Wow that thot has some nice gazoongas.
by TheKidWithThePumpedUpKicks6888 December 04, 2017
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