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Young masculine homosexual males who exhibit no effeminate characteristics or interests and make a point of going on about how 'normal' they are. Previously they would have refered to themselves as straight acting but that's so 2005. Gaybros have no gay friends because they can't relate to other gay people. This is something else they insist on telling everyone.
1. "I'm not saying all gaybros are self loathing, but a lot of self-loathers are gaybros."

2. Gaybros would rather watch the Superbowl than go to IKEA.
by lamey mclamepants January 07, 2012
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A gay man who acts masculine and is interested in guy stuff like sports, video games, military issues, grilling, knives, gear, working out, gadgets, tech, etc...

Popularized by the subreddit of the same name.
Guy1: Hey, I heard that guy is gay but he doesn't act feminine.
Guy2: Yeah he's a gaybro.
by greengb December 11, 2012
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A term used for the fans of olympiakos soccer/basketball club in Greece. The most hated and corrupt team. Derives from the word 'gavros' meaning 'small fish' due to their location of Pireaus in the Greek port of Athens. Gaybro fans have homosexual tendencies and prefer sex with men.
by paoki August 22, 2008
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Used for someone who does/says stupid shit. For use instead of saying fag or idiot or moron. You use this making the person think you called them Gabriel. Then coming back and letting it be known that they're "Gay Bro"
After saying a stupid joke that No one laughs at:

Me: Wow, that wasn't funny gaybro
Johnny: My name's not Gabriel.
Me: I know, but you're fucking GAAAY BRO!!
by Frankdeezay September 25, 2006
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