A straight person outwardly welcoming flirtatious behavior from homosexuals of the same gender in order to receive validation and entertainment. Will often play the line of being flirtatious in return, but once it becomes physical, the gaybaiter will retract and continually assert their heterosexuality to "prevent any confusion".
"Hey do you think that Ethan is gay? He's been talking a lot with Gay Steven and they are all over each other."
"Oh hell no, didn't you know that Ethan is gaybaiting him? He's just lonely and wants to feel good."
by diss0nanced August 24, 2017
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In the context of social media, heterosexual male celebrities who post content which appeals widely to homosexual men with the intention of gaining attention and fandom from them. Social media posts will often feature the straight celebrity posing with their armpits exposed or will be photographed with well-known "out" celebrities. These posts cause interest and intrigue amongst gay men, therefore gaining the celebrity more followers and likes. This is likely a marketing scheme. Some well-known gaybaiters: Nick Jonas, James Franco, Jake Jyllenhaal, Shawn Mendes, etc... See also gaybaiting, queerbaiting
Bruh, did you see Nick Jonas' insta story today? Yea, he's totally a gaybaiter with those gym poses. Straight chicks don't wanna see armpits like that.
by mynextadventure July 31, 2019
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Someone, usually a male, who is straight, but acts or looks so convincingly gay that gay men tend to be attracted to this person.
My girlfriend told me to highlight my hair, but my friends told me that if I did, I'd be gaybait.
by Andrew Rentschler January 7, 2005
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A very good looking and/or very well hung straight guy, used by his friends, to lure a gay guy into a con, set-up or petty crime, often in gay bars in Latin America, but also in Internet chat rooms.
"Hey dude, aren't you going home with that Latin stud that bought you a drink."

"No, that trash is gaybait. The minute we get to his car, his buddies will show up and rip-off my cash."
by Cole Spence December 25, 2006
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