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To manipulate a situation to suit one's purpose or advantage, usually resulting in others' lack of options.
We were all having fun playing cards until Susan pulled a garr and took all the reds, keeping anyone else from playing a card.
Henry garred the market, which increased the price of the commodity.
by QBD3v14nt April 20, 2013
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That seam looking thing that runs up the center of a males ball sack. The division line between left nard and right plum. When one ball dangles lower, the Garr becomes S-shaped, making you believe your balls might be Super Balls, and that you should perhaps leave your couch and lotion to go fight crime. But this notion passes and you get back to your reruns of Friends.
I would shave my balls, honey, but I don't want to nick my garr again. That shit hurts.
by AngrySnip September 13, 2016
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