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To trawl, the act or art of trawling.
The pub or bar is about to shut, you havent picked up yet so you "trawl" the room to see what girls are still availible. Sometimes you might have to do some deepsea trawling and might end up with a shocker, it all relates to how strong your beer goggles are.
My mate was so pissed, he went trawling and returned with a bushpig
by pigsarse April 23, 2003
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A strategy used on the Plenty Of Fish online dating website where the user creates a generic message, copies and pastes it to as many people as possible in order to get as many replies as possible. Similar to ocean trawling in that it is used to get a large quantity and have the quality sorted out later.
I was trawling on POF last night and now I have 6 dates this weekend!
by Brooksi January 24, 2014
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To walk around with your dick hanging out, as if to use it to trawl for something.
After sniffing a can of gas, I realized I was trawling.
by ebrooks January 20, 2004
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