A chiefly British and fairly archaic term meaning "jail," and pronounced the same.
They nicked Spaz for stealin' slurpees, and he had to spend a week in the gaol.
by Mirudus May 23, 2005
Shares a similar meaning with the definition of the popular slang term 'own' or 'pwn'; as an expression of having a pure advantage over someone or something in any skill, or form.

Gaol is derived from the Old English spelling, or Australian spelling of the term 'jail'. To 'gaol' someone refers to keeping a person repressed in his or her place.

Tenses: gaoled, gaolage
Derivatives: gaolated (gaol + violated)
Person A: I gaoled that berk with my fists, just the way me pa taught me.

Person B: Total gaolage, mate!
by Rex Exitium August 7, 2003
This is the original English spelling of Jail Bait. The meaning is exactly the same, it still refers to some fifteen year old bitchlet who is dressed and made up to look like a twenty-something slut who storms out of the house after a row with her parents about the way she looks. Full of teenage fury she gets a bit drunk then comprehensively fucked by some bonehead who can't believe his luck. When her parents find out, the sap who shagged her finds himself in court with an angelic-faced schoolgirl in the witness box and the end result is gaol and the sex offenders register.
"Holy shit! Look at the tits on that!"
"Keep away from that, it's gaol bait."
by AKACroatalin April 15, 2015
Ramu broke the gaol and fled away.
by Virupaksh May 19, 2022