Not necessarily a neanderthall but someone who does what they HAVE to do, because of loyalty, beliefs, etc. Gangstas do not pertain to one race because it is more of a cultural concept. And you don't have to be dumb to be a gangsta, but you have to be brave, smart (if you want to survive as one) and bold.
Little ass Tom fought that big dude cuz he was comin at his sister. He lost, but he's still a gangsta for standin up to him.
by the.all.knowing 567 November 19, 2011
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A complete and mean idiot. People who like to shove you out of nowhere saying "ballin'!!!!". They often listen to mainstream hip hop and rap with Tupac and B.I.G. They usually get bad grades and act dumb. Gangsta's shall be classified as the ghetto/igger family. The 5 types of iggers are Wigger(white nigger), Nigger(this is just for ghetto blacks), Aigger( Asia/Middle nigger), Spigger(Latino nigger... from racist word spic), and Meigger( A middle eastern nigger). These ghetto people are mean and stupid. They must be stopped now. Words can't even explain all of it. They usually all can not speak or write english!(The Spiggers usually speak bad Spanish and English). These people usually have a ghetto Myspace which is very disgusting. If only I could show you guys a few. These ghetto "Gangstas" also are a bunch of sluts and "pimps". No matter where a ghetto person is from they're proud of it. Wherever they're from and their ancestry...they'll try their hardest to make it superior. They were clothes such as Roca Wear, Ecko Unltd., Fubu(not as much), South pole and spray painted shirts. These ghetto people love money,jewlery,expesive gym shoes...and football and basketball. They tip their hats side ways or backwords and lift it up. They love to watch BET too. They love hip hop, rap, and modern RnB. They make their "music" so superior to everything else by getting other ghetto people to support them. The hair style for the guys is usually a shaved head, a shaved head with designs or a flag, an afro, or braids. They girls...just dying your hair and having it in many different styles(pretty much the same with a lot of women). These ghetto people are mean and have no respect for anyone. They think they're "Ra" or "Tight". These people are so stupid too. They'll end up dropping out of school. Help get rid of these gangstas or ghetto people..please.
You have to see for yourself. Just look at a ghetto Myspace. Down with the "Gangsta"
by The_Orlonater April 12, 2007
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A Gangsta is somebody that thinks they can, take drugs, shoot people, and commit murders without a word being said to them. When actually, they have just have there own little messed up lives, living in the 'Ghetto' that they have to take it out on others. This is due to the factor that most wanting to be a Gangsta like the fact of being 'Hard.' Usually Gangsta's are black, but now-a-days white people have come to the conclusion, through rap music that they can be gangsta too.
The Word 'Gangsta' is just a lable for a clique, or a single person.

A so called Gangsta is symbolised by the clothing worn, music listened to and weapons carried or used. In most cases, hats, large gold chains and a 'Gangsta walk' is very impportant in a Gangsta status.
Words such as "Yo, Homie, Nigga, Bruva" are used in the "Ghetto." "I is proper Gangsta like." "Is it coz i is black!"
by Klowiiee December 30, 2007
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Most Real and True "gangstas" dont use ebonics. They dress sharp and well edjucated on whats going on and there surroundings... U got "thug" and "gangsta" mixed up with each other. There 2 totally different things.If you weren't so ignorant then you would know.Al Capone equals a true OG! Tony Soprano equals gangsta. John Gotti, all the families and all the first Dons. You Know! You got to be well edjucated on this stuff. This generation is slowly slipping and so is the edjucation. For some reason though every one wants to be a gangsta, but yet they dont know what it is too be a gangsta. (:
Gambino Fam, Colombo Fam and more. When my dad came to the states from Puerto Rico the italian gangstas helped him alot in Philly. If it wasnt for them he would have been dead. Thank You Rest in Peace Vicenzo.
by LaBoricuaDePielMorena June 22, 2005
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The wrong spelling of the word gangster, a gangsta thinks hes a "gangsta" because he spray paints walls, smokes marijuana, has a gun, and coz he shoots people of rival gangs for no reason other than they are in a different gang and they think they are gangstas just because they grew up poor.

And they are still poor even though they are big "gangstas" and have bling bling.

They are ussually racist against whites and think they are the only gangstas even though the italian and russian mafia are wat more powerful than them.

And they call them selfves "gangstas" i dunno why, i guess they think it sounds cool, even though it really is spelled gangster.
Gangsta- Yo man lets go bust a cap in thos bustas from the southside yo, they grafitied a wall sayin the eastside sux yo. Lets do a drive by with our own car and then get caught by police 1 hr later.

Gangsta2- Yeh man, if we pull this off we will be true gangstas yo, well be in jail for life yo, im soooo gangsta, ggggg unit.

Gangster- This guys been stealing our money.

Gangster2- Ok lets go kill him and get rid of the body and never be caught.

Gangster- Boom boom, hes dead, ok lets bury him.

Gangster2- Nice work, lets get something to eat.
by bob March 14, 2005
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gangstas be da 1s hoo be warein da clowz wai 2 big and be speekin lyke dis all da tyme fo shizzley. dey youzually be da 1s in truble wit da FAGGOT ASS powlice becuz dey be STUPID and GAY (not really, but they think so for some reason. see low IQ) dey be da 1s who downt no much thangs otha then howta tawk lyke dis and kill da muthafuckin wite raseist bitchez. (gangsters are extremely racist. see double standard or liberal)
wat did dat witey jus call ME? i be gonna kick his ass. he called me a NIGGA.
by anti gangster April 22, 2005
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