The act of dressing up nice to get away with yelling at woman's butts.
The other day I was just trying to shoo all the geese away from the park and there was a yoga class nearby. It must have looked like I was gangnamming to passer-bys.
by aaron-like-rodgers October 19, 2012
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One who isn't afraid to express their inner feelings for Korea and dance to Gangnam-style in public for their own pleasure.
Yesterday, Phill expressed his feelings for Korea by way of dance at the dinner table. What a Gangnamer.
by ThatGaroesGuy September 09, 2012
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(Originated from one of South Korea's most developed cities, Gangnam. Currently housing about 36% of S. Korea's plastic surgery clinics, Gangnam is one of the most influential areas in S. Korea in terms of amount of surgeries preformed per year.)

1. Someone who has gone through plastic surgeries in order to enhance the way they look.

2. Someone who has become addicted to plastic surgeries to the extent that they look unnatural and/or fake.
"I heard she had her whole face redesigned. She's become a real Gangnam beauty."
by araecase September 15, 2018
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a gangnam beauty is mainly a woman who gets so much plastic surgery that it’s very noticeable. they usually just get the surgery in their facial visual area, but bodies of women can also be called a gangnam beauty.
Person 1: Did you see that girl’s face?
Person 2: Totally, she’s such a gangnam beauty.

Person 1: She’s still pretty though..
by maialovesjoji March 31, 2019
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The involuntary, often forceful, hearing/viewing of a viral song/dance/video that had until that point been deliberately avoided.
Person 1: I avoided the Harlem Shake for weeks, then I accidentally saw a flash mob in the cafeteria.

Person 2: Well, I guess you were Gangnam Raped again.
by waldostoevsky February 11, 2013
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