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A person who is know to move in a slow clumsy manner. Usually of the species revoltus biggus bitchus

One who has no socially redeeming value and should not be allowed to reproduce with members of the human race.

A species that resides on orange sectional couches in the midwest and is know to cohabitate with any one who can put up with their malodorous ass!
Man that (person) is a black haired galumph! Their dad should have jerked off in the sink!

by the original JR chance November 05, 2006
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1. <verb> to move with an ungainly gait; controlled falling
2. -ed <verb past tense> to seat tables in a rural fine dining restaurant
3. -ing <verb> same as to galumph, but quicker and for longer distances
She picked up the menus and, with a smile, galumphed off to the dining room.
by Chowboy October 21, 2013
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