The noise you make in several different situations. The most common one being when that pussy so good you gotta make a noise. Another common example is when you hear a fire ass song and are at a loss for words.
Stacey: Oh yeah put it in me daddy

*Jamal puts it in*
Jamal: GAH
by YRG_Coop December 20, 2020
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when you mess something up or when you do something
man 2: what
man: i made a paragraph with a typo in it
by superoofer July 10, 2018
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Another way to say “guy”. The plural of this word would be “gahz”.
Some gah came up to my truck and asked me for a beer so I sold him one for 12$ and he took like the drunk faggot he was
by YuOfTheNight August 23, 2019
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A shorten form of the word garcon, A noun used to express comradery.
GAH u eh see that ting walk down the road there.
by cocaine758 June 16, 2020
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it's used as an expression towards something, usually used by fort totten rezzers.
"gah, not even!"

"gah, they did that not me."
by kaisters June 24, 2018
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