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A type of porno where a guy bangs a girl in her mouth. It's not a regular blowjob, but one where the guy thrusts his penis in the girls mouth as it were a vagina. The girl is usually choking with watery eyes sometimes even vomiting. Then the man usually ejaculates deep in her throat. It's quite possibly the highest degradation of women, but it's arousing to watch.
Dude you gotta see the Briana Banks Gag-Factor!
by mothafucka March 20, 2006
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A highly controversial and influential gonzo porn series by JM Productions, with a primary focus strictly on irrumatio, or throat fucking. Each scene features women subject to being ferociously deep throat fucked, with excessive gagging, choking, drooling, and sometimes vomiting.

Most scenes feature short plots of women irritating or insulting men, (i.e. bitching wives or girlfriends) behaving mischeviously or else finding themselves in a unfortunate position, and as a result they are throated.

The series started in 2000, and was one of the first to feature gagging and throat fucking and is said to be responsible for starting the porn niche, spawning numerous new throat fucking series since. They often proudly claim that their series is "The best throat fucking ever lensed", and that "Gag Factor has made more men ask women for gag sex".

Unlike similar series, Gag Factor tends to push more on themes of degradation and humiliation. Though they often engage the action with the woman on her knees, their signature is to have her lay down with her head hanging off the edge of a surface, letting her saliva run down over her face and hair. Often the female is verbally assaulted and encouraged to gag as they are throat fucked, while handled very agressively and forcefully by a seemingly mean spirited male. Other common signatures include face spitting, throat grabbing, and holding the female's arms down while viciously throating her.

The series has won several AVN awards for best oral series, and best oral scene.
Man, Gag Factor is my favorite porno series of all time! You have taught me well, thank you Gag Factor!
by Nocton55 January 14, 2009
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The scale between 1-20 based on how intense giving oral pleasure to a male penis is. 1 being almost un-noticable, 20 being possibly fatal.
"Mike was so big, I swear it was gag factor 14 at least!"
by Dr A. Ris February 14, 2003
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A scale used to judge how gross something is. scale usually 1-10, but really gross things can exceed this.
A: "I swear I saw this body and it was soooo gross."
B: "Gag-factor 9?"
A:"11 at least man."
B: "WOW!"
by bezzzie1 July 13, 2004
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